Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Google Stays in the News with Chrome Books and Antitrust Issues

Being one of the largest or should I say the only highest used search engine in the world, Google has always tried to give the best to its users in every way. Whether it is to develop a watch that monitors heart rate predicting elements before they become serious or it is to make your search experience flawless with chrome, Google has been giving its best to the users. It keeps on making changes in the algorithm of the search engine, trying out new products or work with unique ideas however, what it did this time might not be appreciated by the users. 
The voice search facility, ‘OK Google’ on chrome on desktop has been removed from the latest update on Chrome. The facility allows the user to search with voice command, which makes it much easier for one to search anything without using keys. This was helpful for the physically impaired people to make quick searches. Users with OK Google on android Smartphone can also give other commands like keeping reminders, playing music, or calling someone without having to type on the phone. The new update is not supporting this feature on desktop; however, it will still be available on the Smartphone until next news from Google. 

Court OKs Google for scanning books as “fair use”

In news, a three judged panel in US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed Google’s full text book scanning as “fair use”, henceforth, protecting it from any kind of copyright infringements. The case has been going on since 2005, filed by the Author’s Guild against Google. Fair use allows one to use the copyright material without seeking any permission if it is for purpose of research, teaching, criticism, commentary, or news. However, the Author’s Guild is free to appeal against the judgement in US Supreme Court.


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