Friday, 24 April 2015

10 Things to Enquire Before Hiring an SEO Firm

SEO is a technique that helps your business website to become more visible in Search Results. If your website in not doing well in Google, Yahoo and Bing then you might have chance to lose your potential customers. Here is the need of best SEO firm to catch all SEO points and optimize it locally or globally as needed.

But before hiring any SEO firm you must take a long interview of them. See how well they answer you and how much confident in doing SEO. I have explored number of websites, reached to several SEO clients and found really something interesting. I have gathered most common questions (very much needed too) what they ask before hiring an SEO Firm:

1. What is Your Proposal for Website? : They start with proposal of website and ask to SEO firms the same. Most of companies have some great proposals which sound interesting but the story not ends here.

2. List of Current & Past Clients: Several small companies are out from race here once they see this question on their screen coz they don’t have enough numbers to show. While on other hand a reliable and professional SEO Companies submit brief list of their Old and Current Clients including their web address, Phone Number and E-mail to get in touch. That’s look professional.

3. How will you improve Keywords ranking and how does Keywords react to Business? : This is very critical time to answer for few companies and they get rid with the client here. But the professional will answer you wisely and clear you with each Search Engine aspects and how well they are good in this.

4. Do you work with Google Guidelines? : All say YES but the fact is rare. Few of companies strictly follow Google guidelines and move their step wisely with website. While others just Say YES and do all common works as others do.

5. What is the Guarantee for Top Page Results?: Infact this is true that there is no any guarantee of Top Page Results and ofcorse no one can do but all say 100% Guarantee. Big companies never deal with the Guarantee but small companies always do. Okay Guarantee is good but you will have to choose wisely before final your list.

6. Signup NDA Contract Doc: Before hiring any SEO firm you must signup NDA doc to keep work legally and for the safety of website. Always mention your website admin details (if you share) and others.

7. How Much? : This is big question for clients as well as for companies to answer. At the time large number of small companies, consultants, freelancers have down the market and they start work as low as they can. This makes client to think cheaper. But please note if a company charges you something higher than others then there must be chances to serve you even better than that company. So, never go for less numbers. Always go to quality works and great customer support.

8. Payment Terms: Client often asks to firms that what your Payment terms are. Some do Monthly, Some hourly while some 3 months at a time or more. So, must ask to SEO firm for this.

9. How you will show Progress and what is your Report Time: That’s a good question to track the progress of work. Ask freely to report you Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly as you wish.

10. Customer Support: Most of firms have this problem and they never deal with customer support. This is one of the best ways to show your professionalism and keep maintaining even improving your reputation before them. So, ask for how often you would communicate or how come you update?

I think I have covered some basic questions but if I have forgotten something interesting please drop your valuable words below. So, I will edit this and mention the rest.


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